Impact of Technology


Global Impact

  • 1. The teens now are becoming fat, because they only play video games and play on their phones. So the fat rate has gone up because if technology.

Business Changes

  • 1. They have computers now so they won’t have to keep a record of each person that comes in their business and that buy their product. They now won’t have to add or subtract in their heads because computers and calculators do it for them.

Advantages of Technology

  • 1. We can now call or text someone in the blink or an eye and we have internet on our phones. We can look something up on the internet really fast and get the answer.

Risk and Advantages Outweigh Each Other?

  • 1. I think they,re about the same because yes you have meaning disadvantages, but on the other side you have many advantages.

Technology Changing the World

  • 1. Because it is becoming faster and simpler to use so naturally we would want to try it. If its faster and easier wouldn't you like to try it?

Changes in Technology in the Past Few Years

  • 1. It has become faster and simpler to use. They have internet in them now. Also you can call/text faster to someone now.

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