Baltimore Leaders Try to Curb Expectations Over A Pending Police Report


Maintaining Social Order

National Security

Public Policy


There was a serious uprising in baltimore after 25 year-old Freddie Gray passed away in police custody. It started out as a peaceful protest and then grew into a massive riot. "A lawyer for the Gray family, Hassan Murphy, said that the Grays did not want a repeat of the arson, rock-throwing and looting seen on Monday “They are terribly disappointed at what happened,” Mr. Murphy said." The whole city of baltimore was put into a curfew and the national guard was called in the state of emergency. About 1500 national guards showed up in baltimore. Some of the citizens were standing between the rioters and the police.


The government went into a state of emergency and called the national guard and police from different counties to help. This is maintaining social order because they are trying to prevent the riots from growing further. This is national security because they are burning things down and they need law enforcement to help and stop the riots. This is finally Public Policy because the people are protesting about the police being abusive to the people. They are rioting/protesting for justice on the police.

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