Zoo are bad for animals


The zoos puts out baby animals to get peoples a tense out there. After the babies get older they will properly keep them. They will keep them until they are older. So they can get a tense with the new babies. Then it goes again with the new babies. They may not have a enough room so they may give the animal a way to a noun there zoo. They don’t always protect them like how we think they do.  


My opinion is they shouldn't put out baby animals to get  attention . A newer one is they should just us the animals they have. They should rescue the animals if the animals are in danger so the zoo will have more animals. I thank they should not feed animals to another animal. We suede hellp preter the animals. But not all zoos are bad to the animals some mite love animals. But some are bad to some animals. But some hate animals so they what to be mean to the animals. They should just quick.


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