The Hydraulic Bridge Under Construction

You may be wondering how we built this hydraulic bridge.  Well, although it is not completely finished we were still able to do half of the project.  The steps used to construct this bridge are listed below.  

Step 1: For the first step, my group and I used three Popsicle sticks and glued them all  together forming a 30 cm (300 mm) straight line.  We did this step twice.

Step 2:  After we finished step 1 we placed the two long sticks we made parallel to each other.  Then we got two 10 cm Popsicle sticks and glued one to the right ends of the sticks and the other to the left ends of the sticks.  This created a 30 cm by 10 cm rectangular base.

Step 4:  By step 4 we realized that we needed wooded cubes to complete the task but since we had none at the time we luckily found some plastic cubes that we were able to use until we brought in some wooden cubes.  We got 4 green plastic cubes and glued one of them in each corner of the rectangular base on top of the Popsicle sticks.  Then we measured 6 cm (60 mm) from the end of the cube in each corner of the base towards the middle of the base and marked a line on the Popsicle sticks.  My group and I then glued another 4 green cubes on the parts of the Popsicle sticks that were marked off with a pencil.

Step 5:  For step 5 we used 8 Popsicle sticks, we glued one Popsicle stick on the outside of the cubes that were glued to the corners of the base and we made those sticks stand upwards.  Then we used another Popsicle stick and glued it on the outside of the cubes that were glued in the middle of the base.  Next we glued the other side of the Popsicle to the Popsicle stick that was glued to the corner squares.  There is a picture down below on how it looked after we finished these 5 steps.

Step 6:  During the making of step six we finally got wooded cubes and decided to use them as supports along the Popsicle sticks that are standing upwards.  We glued 3 wooden cubes together then glued them to the top of the green cubes that were positioned in each corners on top of the base.  We did that for all four corners.

Step 7:  Separately we cut a long stick that was as thin as a toothpick so that it would be  10 cm (100 mm) long.  We used four bigger cubes that had holes through the middle of them and slid them onto the 10 cm stick.  After we did that we slid two of cubes that were on the stick  towards the ends of the stick.  Next we glued that stick in between the two Popsicle sticks on one side of our project that was standing up.  We glued the stick toward the top of the Popsicle sticks and made sure that the two cubes near on the ends of the sticks were glued on the Popsicle sticks so that only the two middle cubes of the thin stick would be able to rotate around that stick.

Step 8: On the opposite side of the rotating cubes  my group and I glued a green plastic cube on top of the other 3 wooden cubes that were added in step 6.  We only did this for the side that did not have the rotating cubes on it.  When that was done we glued a Popsicle stick to both green plastic cubes that were just added to our project.

Step 9:  For step 8 we used longer and wider Popsicle sticks.  My group and I used 3 of those Popsicle sticks since they would be more support to hold something on the bridge instead of using smaller Popsicle sticks.  We glued the 3 bigger Popsicle sticks together just like in step 1 creating a 30 cm (300 mm) stick  we did this twice making two 30 cm (300 mm) sticks.  Next we took one of those sticks and glued the end to one of the rotating cube and we took the other stick and glued the end of that one to the other rotating cube.

Step 10:  Finally we added a normal 10 cm (100 mm) Popsicle stick to attach the 30 cm (300 mm) sticks that were created together.  Here are a couple of pictures of how our project turned out so far.

Although it might seem like our project went perfectly well we did have some ups and downs and basically what I mean by that is, for example we did have some difficulties trying to figure out what to use for the wooden cubes since we didn't get them, but on the other hand we did come out fine because we found some plastic cubes that we were allowed to use and we also got some wooden cubes as well.  Another example is when we had no syringes and the store had none too.  Thankfully we have great friends who were nice enough to switch their syringes for bigger ones which did not fit for our project and we got the smaller syringes which did work for our project.  I have a great feeling about our project and feel that we are not behind or ahead.  Especially because my group and I have been working well and we have been focused on what we're doing.

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