Ms. Gaul's Gazette #15.12
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April 20-24, 2015

  • Monday - Read Pygmalion Act IV
  • Tuesday - Submit Pygmalion Act IV assignment
  • Wednesday  - Influences DB Post
  • Thursday - The Giver Chapters 20-21 Questions
  • Friday - The Giver DB

Pygmalion Project due Monday 4/28

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Pygmalion Help

Act 1: Setting

Check out the synch session "3/19 Pygmalion Act One" for help for more information about the setting and characters.

Act 2: Conflict

Act 3: Characterization

Act 4: Supporting Statements with Quotes

For Pygmalion Act IV Assignment, make sure you support each true statement with a quotation and an explanation.

Here's an example of a quote with an explanation:

Learn more about Pygmalion here:

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