Chris Hadfeild

Chris Hadfield

Chris hadfield is a great inspiration to people around the world.

Chris hadfield grew up on a farm house, decided to become a astronaut when he saw Niel Armstrong  land on the moon.

When Hadfield was 13 he joined the national Canadian air cadets.

After Chris Hadfield graduated from high school, he decide to go to the Canadian armed forces , he graduated from military college with a degree in mechanical engineering.

After Chris hadfield graduated from military college, he became a pilot.

As a part of a exchange program with the United states navy and the United states air force, he obtained a master's degree in aviation systems at the University of Tennessee Space Institute.

In 1992, he was accepted into the Canadian astronaut program by the Canadian space agency.

He first flew in space aboard STS-74 in November 1995 as a mission specialist.

In April 2001 he flew again on STS-100 and visited the International Space Station (ISS), where he walked in space and helped to install the Canadarm2.

Chris hadfield was the first Canadian to walk in space.

After 21 years as an astronaut, Chris hadfield retired, now his career is teaching kids in the university of waterloo.

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