Math 111 Section 4.6 #29 and #31

h. whitehead

29. "Your friend is using Descartes's Rule of signs to find the number of negative real roots of (X)(X)(X)+(X)(X)+x+1=0. Describe and correct the error."

The correct way

31. A gardner is designing a new garden in the shape of a trapezoid. she wants the shorter base to be twice the height and the longer base to be 4 feet longer than the shorter base. if she has enough topsoil to create a 60 ft^2 garden, what dimensions should she use for the garden?

She should use the dimensions of Height=3.872983346, Base 1=7.745966692, base 2=11.74596669 to get about 60 ft^2 for her new garden.

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