Anglo-Saxon Mead Halls

The Center Place of Anglo-Saxon Life

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King Rabido

Kind Rabido was not born into royalty. He earned his way up through the ranks of his men at the young age of 23. It was said that when he was only five he killed ten monsters that had tried to kill him, not by using his brute strentgh, but by being cunning. Since then he has become a wise and gentle king.

His home is the Hall of Rtokoler. It is made mostly out of timbers and stone since he could afford it. The windows are arched as well as parts of the outside.

His wife Queen Madrid was assaulted by the king of the neighboring kingdom. This gentle king was honor bound to avenge the wrongs done against his wife and so he and his thanes stormed the castle and destroyed the man who committed the foul deed. Upon their return home, King Rabido threw a huge party to celebrate their victory over their neibhbors.


In order for someone to gain an audience with the king they had to go through a steward or trusted advisor. They would introduce themselves to said advisor and state their purpose for wanting an audience. The steward might ask questions to ensure that the people wanting an audience do not have undesirable intentions. If the steward deems the person well enough,

Women were allowed to inherit and hold property, even after they were married. Some women were even given a gift of money and land by their husbands to do with as they pleased.

For dinner, King Rabido will sit with Queen Madrid to his right and Lord Ravenstone, the leader of his army, on his left to show him to he is thankful for the Lord's services and loyalty that day.


Whales tougne and small blue jays will be served, as well as beef, mutton, venison and pork. Beans, peas, parsnips, and radish greens will be the vegetable. The meal will be served with cider, ale and mead.

Present Time

The night will end with Queen Masrid passing out the gifts one by one. First, Lord Ravenstine will recieve  a large sword diectly from the treausure hord of King Rabido for his valiant efforts to rally the soldiers. Next, Lord Sanford will recieve a gold bridle for he and his men's successfull attempt at knocking down the exterior wall of the neighboring keep. Finally, the treasure found in the destroyed keep will be evenly given out to the rest of the thanes who helped destroy the keep.

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