ancient Egypt travel brochure

the Egyptian travel brochure will tell you all about the different things you can to and stuff you have to is so fun read through this brochure and look at all of the cool things to do. i hope you come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

come stay at this beautiful place.

daily life!!

If your looking for a great place to stay and sleep come to Horus Hotel in Egypt. it is very convenient. we have breakfast in the morning and people always have so much fun here at Horus Hotel.

In Egypt we just opened this great place to eat and have an ice cold drink. If your looking for some great food come to


DRINKS- beer-3.00$


FOOD- cucumbers-2.00$


fresh bread-5.00

VEGETABLES- green beens-2.00$

sweat pees-2.00$


FRUITS- strawberry-3.00



OUR SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

large PIZZA-15.00$

2 for 25$

Come get some pizza!!
come ride me

To travel around in Egypt you can rent our famous donkey!!

5.00$ an hour

20.00$ a day

100.00$ a week

things you will need to pack

suntan lotion- it gets really hot here in the desserts

white clothing- bring white clothing, not black because the sun really attracts black clothing here.

kids clothes- don't worry about the baby's clothes they can run around naked.

jewelry- everybody wears jewelry so bring your own special diamonds.

bring your own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The very cool time machine

look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a map to help you get around here in Egypt and some facts about their geography.

1.With out the Nile river Egypt would be a giant dessert.

2.Every spring water would run off the mountains and the Nile river would flood.

Some things to do in Egypt.

you can go to the mummy museum and look at sculptures of mummies and just look around at fossils and stuff. Tutankhamen is a famous mummify. Its estimated that 70 million mummies were made in Egypt.

We also can take you for a tour of the pyramids for only 15.00$ a person or 55.00$ for a family of 4.The pyramids were built as burial places to the pharaohs. Deep inside of the pyramid the pharaoh would be buried.

You can see the store of all the pharaohs sculptures. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt were the supreme leaders of the land. They were like kings.the word pharaoh comes from a word "great house". the average person had no say in the government.

Inside the pharaoh store there is a part where you can see and read about all the different religions they believed in. Most people were Polytheistic. They thought that when you died you lived in a new world.

this is the Egyptian Tutankhmum
this was one of the tempels
this was one of the coolest pyramids
this was king tuts mummy

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