Looking Back, Moving Foward

Class Of 2014

Dear Mom and Dad,

       Thank you for sending me to St. Clare School. I have made so many memories here with all of my friends. For all nine years that I have been here I met all of my best friends. It's very sad that I have to leave, but I am amazed at how far we've all came. I realize how much of a sacrifice you have made to send me here. This school has been a huge part of my life ever since kindergarten. I have made amazing memories with everyone here and it has became an amazing nine years. It went so quick and I never really thought of how far we all came. Within just nine years we have all created a friendship that is unbreakable.

      At St. Clare I have learned many things, not only academically but socially. I have made lifelong friends who will always be in my life. Your decision has placed me in a safe environment where I have felt comfortable to make friends with not only the other student but with the teachers. The teachers have made an amazing impact on my life. They have taught us from writing script to submitting homework online. What they have taught me at St. Clare will help me to go further in life. Thank you for always making the right decisions for me.

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