Mars is a small planet it is half of the earths size. It also has a thin atmosphere. That is  why no one could ever live there. Mars has terrain that can be compared or is like the grand canyons. It lacks breathable air and lacks water.That is just some things about mars.

This is some Mars terrain

A american astronomer once looked at mars and saw polar ice caps thinking those were plants. America has also dropped a rover on mars they have found 2,000 mile long canyon they also named some rocks on mars. That is just some of the mars exploration .  

Mars exploration

These are some mars facts

-It is considered a terrestrial planet

-Mars has massive dust storms

-3.5 billion years ago mars had floods

-People cant live on mars its too cold

-It has giant and small volcanoes

-It also has giant mountains

-The volcanoes deform the roundness

This is a crater found in mars