Animal cruelty

11 facts about animal cruelty

In the article 11 facts about animal cruelty it says that animals are suffering because of us humans in countries people are abusing dogs and other animals .because of our carelessness dogs are suffering from starvation,and dehydration. most people use dogs for racing and dog fighting but in all states dog fighting and greyhound racing are illegal .people abuse their dogs and that causes them to be terrified so when people come to help . they are to aggressive and they have to be put down because they are scared to approach us and if we approach them they will act aggressive towards us and will have to be put down.

animal cruelty

In the article animal cruelty there are many problems with animal fighting . a small amount people are dog fighting cock fighting or rooster fighting even they know it is wrong .People are fighting these specific animals so they can make some extra cash they bid on what animal they think is going to win and the winner gets the money.Horses are animals that a lot of care but when people run out of money they stop taking care of them .And they starve to death sometimes people use dogs to breed over and over until the animals get sick then they kill them most are lucky and they get a home but they need alot of vet visits.


my opinion on animal cruelty is bad because all animal should be treated with respect . all animals are suffering because families run out of money and they don't buy food . some people fight their animals to make some extra cash . all people are doing is slowly killing their animals . in my opinion is no man/women should own a animal if they are just going to kill them on purpose . fact if animals are treated badly from the start they are terrified and have to be killed for our safety .

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