Jason Derulo  

Jason Derulo is a famous American singer.

He was born in Miami, Florida. His real surname is Desroleaux, but as it is so difficult to pronounce, he decided to change it. He found a new, but easier surname that is Derulo

Derulo has studied opera, theatre and dance. He attended Dilard High Sound. He graduated from The American Musical Academy.

At the age of 16 he was already writing songs for Pitbull and Crassee. In 2006 he had a contract for a WARNER BROS. He was so happy because the W.B. is famous all over the world.

In 2009 Derulo recorded his first song called “Watcha say”. A lot of people loved this song for its special rhythm, funny to dance in public or in discos.

In 2010 he composed his second song called “In my head”. It became more popular than the first one. In this year he also released his first album called “Jason Derulo”.

In 2011 he recorded another brilliant song entitled “Don’t Wanna go home” and also the song “It girl”. In the same year he realized his second album “Future History".

In 2012 Jason had a dance accident and he had to cancel all his tour dates.This accident was so bad for him because he had to stop dancing. Fortunately his girlfriend was always with him to make him happy. To remember this event, he wrote the song “Underfeated”. In this year he received the nobel from MTV Video Music Awards.

In 2014 Jason recorded two new songs “The other side” and “Talk dirty” which where very popular all around the word. He also took part in a live TV program “Everybody dance now 2012” with a great singer Nelly Rowland. Together they also participated in a charity campaign in Africa.

Jason has had a love relationship with the famous singer Jardin Sparus for two years. They will probably get married. They recorded together the duet of the song “It girl”.Jason has a good family and he is very fond of it. But now Jardin is the most important person in his life.

 I personally love Jason both for his songs and for the way he is.

In my opinion, he has got a great voice, wonderful songs and a lovely way to dance. He is a brilliant singer, composer and dancer.