Seven thing you should know about me

By Jacob

This is me Jacob Barrie Setter I am 12 years old I go to hni school.My birthday is on 3rd of december.

Cricket I love It my position Is Wicketkeeper

I have played Cricket since i was 6 years old i love cricket it is a really fun sport takes a long time till it ends.


Futsal is indoor soccer my  mum is the choach of my team we have a strong team.Last year we came 3rd.But this year we cobimed 2 teams together


I had my long board since my birthday.It was one of my presents.



Soccer is my life i practise 2 times a week.This was my ultamite team.We had 2 medals called knock out cup and first place for our division.


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2 years ago

Great tackk but I needs a capital

2 years ago

Nice Tackk. I can tell your favourite sport is soccer, but check your spelling and capital letters

a month ago

its so shit, give up