Severe Weather:Hurricanes

An birdseye view of a Hurricane while it's moving

                                        How are Hurricanes formed?

A Hurricane forms near the equator in a warm area, and usually are caused by warm moist air. The air moves up and away from the water or warm air rises causing a area of low air pressure below (Cold air). Then high air pressure (Warm air) from different areas pushes into the low pressure area. After that the new air mix rises to and swirls into the other air, as the warm air cools it forms clouds and wind spins and grows.

Dangerous Hurricanes

Hurricane Irene was one of the most dangerous hurricanes in history because it was a category 3 hurricane (third most dangerous kind of hurricane), causing 600 deaths after it unexpectedly struck Southern New England. Hurricane Irene destroyed houses and buildings, the year that this tragedy happened was 1938, the damage was so rough that it caused $15.8 billion dollars in damage.

Another dangerous hurricane was not named but caused 11 deaths. In New York at  9:30 A.M. this hurricane struck and left a trail of fallen trees and extensive flooding. The year that this happened was 2011, this hurricane does not sound very dangerous but it was, the reason that only 11 people died was the hurricane struck where there wasn't many people in that area. But the hurricane caused $1.2 billion dollars in damage.

Comparing then to now

Since the category 3 hurricane has struck we have gotten better radars and equipment to predict the weather and for ex. we were able to predict the hurricane in category 1 , but when hurricane Irene struck it didn't show up on the radars so nobody knew about it. When we didn't know about hurricane Irene a lot of people died (around 600) but we knew that the hurricane that was unnamed was coming so less people died (around 11).

How to prevent getting hurt in a Hurricane

*Permanent storm shutters provide the best protection                                               *Board the windows with marine wood                                                                       *Consider building a safe room out of cement                                                           *Listen to the news forecast on the radio,TV, and internet for any signs of the hurricane coming your way*Keep a supply of water and food for sanitary reasons                       *Turn off any propane tanks                                                                                     *Avoid using the phone in case of serious emergencies                                           *Evacuate if authorities tell you too                                                                                   *If you live in a high rise building move into lower ground because the winds get stronger the higher up you are during a hurricane                                                                         *Plan an evacuation plan before the hurricane happens                                                   *Fortify your garage/secure your garage                                                                     *Pin your house into the ground if you live in a mobile home                                       *Secure loose objects                                                                                                   *Stay away from windows

Facts about Hurricanes

  • Hurricane Irene was unknown and not tracked, it carried winds around 75 MPH and moved it’s course unexpectedly
  • The deadliest hurricane ever recorded in history was a category 4 hurricane killing 8,000 people
  • The heavy waves that come from a hurricane are called Storm Surges
  • 40% of the hurricanes that happen in the U.S.A happen in florida
  • The hurricane that cost the most was hurricane katrina at $108 billion dollars
  • Hurricanes rotate in a counter clockwise motion creating a eye wall which is the most destructive part of a hurricane
  • Other names for a hurricane is a Cyclone, Typhoon, and Tropical storm

The category Hurricanes

Each Hurricane has it's own category that it goes into. A category 1 Hurricane is not a major event but usually most of the Hurricanes that happen are in the category 1 instead of 5 or 4. A category 2 Hurricane is a medium sized hurricane that does a mild amount of damage. But a category 3 hurricane is when you need to start being worried and pay a lot of attention to what is happening or else you could die very easily. A category 4 hurricane is rare but they could still happen every once and a while, if a category 4 hurricane happens seek shelter immediately and supplies. A category 5 hurricane is very rare and only happens in extreme conditions but if it does happen secure everything, stay away from windows, and if you have a safe room get supplies bring it into there and wait for it to be over. But if you do not have a safe room authorities will come by your house and tell you to evacuate.  


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