Information to Keep you Safe

Internal/External Influences on Tobacco Use

1. Tobacco can make you choose to make decisions before you stop and think if they are wise.

2. The substance can get you to rest and sleep more often and minimize working.

Peer Pressure Safety Strategies

  • Only do what you believe is correct and don't let an irresponsible person lead you or tell you what to do. 

  • Tell the bully or "friend" that you won't do what they say (if it is unsafe and irresponsible) and do it confidently.

  • Stick with true friends to stand up to bullies together without one on one experiences that are harder to handle.

Influences that Cause "The Need" to Smoke


1. Watching R-rated (or inappropriate) movies can make an adolescent want to smoke.

2. Reading magazines with "cool" celebrities that are smoking can force the reader to want to smoke.


1. If your parents or siblings smoke in your household, you are more likely to start than a person with no smokers in their home.

2.If you hang out with people that are smoking (the wrong crowd), then you are likely to follow them... as you think that they are cool.

Health Effects of Smoking

  • Smoking causes lung cancer, emphysema, and other diseases.
  • Second-hand smoking can harm your family, friends, and children.
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