Who has a more Google-able face?

A comparison of who has a more recognizable face using Google Image search.

Exhibit A:

The face on the left is none other than my girlfriend, Shayna P Bane. She has requested to see the Google Image search results based on her face. I choose the face depicted in this Christmas photo, taken circa December 2012.

Exhibit A:

Okay, well... . Not only are most ethnicities portrayed here –there's even a cartoon. Red hair, black hair, no hair... mustaches & sunglasses? Is that guy eating chicken wings? I'm pretty sure that one guy was on Major Dad, right? Not a good start, Google.

Exhibit B:

A descriptive word in the search box? Okay. Now we're talkin' ... a girl with a cartoon mustache! Some dude with one Princess Leia ear-bun & mutton chops! Bono? Lots of buddy-shots? John Cusak's scary brother? And some muppet-looking guy with a missing tooth. Spot on.

Clear Winner: Contestant #2