Benvolio the Benevolent

Benvolio is Romeo's cousin in the famous play, Romeo and Juliet. Benvolio balances Romeo's melodrama with his practical and kind personality. In a way, Benvolio is a representation of the audience in the play because he usually reacts as we would

Benvolio's Actions

From the very beginning (act 1 scene 1), Benvolio is actively acting as a peacekeeper. Throughout the play, he repeatedly tries to keep the peace but is unsuccessful.

Benvolio's Feelings

While Romeo's parents are only surfacedly interested in what has been bothering him, through this dialogue it's apparent that Benvolio truly cares about what is upsetting his friend. It is he who waits for Romeo and questions him.   

In this scene, Benvolio is trying to convince Romeo to go to the Capulet ball. He thinks that going and meeting new girls will help his hopeless friend.

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