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Movie poster evaluation - Draft Day

I think this movie did a good job of showing what this movie is about by showing the man holding a football and having the draft behind him. They did a decent job with the bold text and contrasting colors. They put the big yellow letters over the dark grey suit. This makes people want to see the movie by the quote on the poster saying "The greatest victories don't always happen on the field." If I were to see this on a movie poster it would make me want to see what that quote means. They grab your attention by having the picture with the guy standing there a serious look on his face that makes him look like he is determined and cares about his job.They especially did a good job to make people want to see the movie to find out what he is going to do during the draft.

A Haunted house 2 - Trailer

This movie did a good job by showing some of the funniest parts of the movie but not all and it makes you want to see more of the movie. This movie does a good job of showing that this movie is a comedy and some spots suspenseful for all the people that like them movies. They do a decent job of showing the climax of the movie and all the building blocks leading up to it. When I watch the trailer it makes me want to see it by all the comedy and the suspense and it leaves you hanging with the funny saying at the end and makes you want to see it so you can see if there is going to be any funnier moments that you don't want to miss out on. They do a good job showing the general feel of the movie obviously it is comedy by all the comedy clips in the trailer.

Tips For Amusement park marketers

The first tip that I would give to amusement park marketers should use is to create a very unique experience for visitors because if I went to an amusement park that just had rides I would get bored because if you just went on the same rides over and over again it would get boring. So I would suggest partnering with a well known brand like a movie that is well known like what Universal Studios did with J.K. Rowling

The second tip I would give to amusement park is to design ways to get visitors to stay longer and spend more money. One way to do this is by making people by higher priced tickets that let them skip to the front of the food lines and ride lines. One time when I was at valley fair they had tickets for about $20 more and you got to go to the front of every line except a few of them and them were the most popular rides.

The third and final tip I would give amusement park marketers is to set a price that everybody is willing to pay by setting certain prices at different times of seasons like in the season that not very many people go then you set prices that are a little lower and during seasons that people go you set the prices higher so that people have to pay it to go to the park. Like what Valley Fair does when they are about to close they lower their ticket prices.

T.V. marketing stategies

The first thing I think T.V. marketers should use is to make it engaging because if the viewer don't think it is engaging they might get bored of the T.V. show but if you make it engaging by adding little questions on twitter and Facebook that ask people what they think should happen next or ask people to like a post if they are excited about the show that is going on that night. Like the show "Pretty Little Liars" did.

The second thing I think T.V. marketers Should use is to make it so viewers can get interactive with the show,the cast,and other fans. I think they should do this because then fans will keep watching the show because they know that they will be able to interact with other fans and talk about the show but if they didn't see the show the night before they wont understand what they are talking about or it will ruin the show for them. So it forces them to watch the show so they don't get it spoiled for them.

The final thing that T.V. marketers should use is to make the show that is airing that night seem like it is a cant miss event, they should use this strategy because it will make more people watch the show at that time so that it doesn't get spoiled for them over social media.


The first way I think movie marketers should use to promote their movie is to put out a trailer for the movie so they

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