Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society.

Well is it that obvious obesity is a big issue in the United States of America. Obesity is 2nd behind smoking for the most common cause of death how do people feel about that, their own food, what you need to eat can kill you.

In the documentary obesity is a major cause of preventable death in America with over 400,000 preventable illnesses related to obesity each year. How does society even react to that? In the eyes of Americans it's an epidemic. In 2000 one out of every 3 children would develop diabetes, at least 17 million Americans, 1 out of 20, have type 2 diabetes. Here is another thing I think is wrong maybe you'll agree with me, high fat and sugar food and high sugar drinks being in schools, is that wrong? It's every where. Why do we have to look at society when society should look at that.

Look at the picture above. In my eyes that is a huge difference. Augustus Gloop in 1971 does not look obese, no where near what we see today and know compare that to the more modern Augustus, he does look a lot bigger. Imaging obesity in 2020, for America the obesity rate in the 1970's was 45% above your average weight. Now imaging you putting one of those huge yoga balls under your shirt (if it fits) that would be you in 2015 if you were obese but in 2020 an obese American is supposed to weigh 30% more than what you would way in the 70's and around 10 to 20 percent more than today (2015).

Car companies have introduced different cup holders for the Double Big Gulps, which are a 1/2 gallon of soda and are between 600-800 calorie

In the documentary Morgan Spurlock (the director of SuperSize Me) said they are spending way much more money on losing fat and weight loss programs and products then they are on fitness and keeping healthy. So why aren't Americans not carring much about their weight and fitness because from the looks of it they don't even care they don't even seem embarrassed about it and ashamed. It's like they are more ashamed to be healthy, skinny and fit. Until they are sent to the hospital they really to feel sorry for themselves.

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