The relationship between the soviets and China

Becky Chung, Rachel Allen, Akshita hatia

The Chinese - Soviet Rift

- Moscow and Beijing had a good relationship because of a common threat, the United States

- The U.S. wanted to get rid of communism in the world

Fraternal Cooperation

- Beijing acknowledged RussiS authority and the Russians gave them military equipment and economic aid

- Russia wanted to put China on the security council in the UN

- China felt pushed around

China Vs Soviets

Chinese: The aid they were getting had too many strings attached and the soviets were asking for territorial concession

Soviet: Left Mao Zedong to wait for 2 months before they persuaded him to sign a treaty of friendship, alliance, and mutual assistance. " Unequal treaty"

Soviet: Started taking little back from what was given to the Chinese and gave more to new countries to encourage their communism.

Both the soviets and the chinese began to call each other names such as " revisionist" and " left winged adventurist"

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