1st Grade Tips

In this Tackk you will learn about what to do and not to do in 1st grade.


  You should follow your teachers rules and directions and DO NOT goof of and play around.  You need to stay on task and do your morning work. I know this sounds boring but 1st grade is a blast.


  You can talk to you friends and have a good time but if the lights go off that means its too loud and you should be quiet. When your getting your food say please and thank you. Try not to forget you silver ware and napkins because you might not be able get them. Do not switch seats or trade food you could be sent to the safe seat.  


Listen to your teacher and do your work when told. Make sure you ALWAYS write you name on your papers. Try not to talk to the people at your table. Do your home work and get a parent to check it to make sure its correct.


Don't climb up the slide because you could get in trouble.Don't do the monkey bars because your not allowed to until 2nd grade.Don't play tag you will most likely get in trouble or even get hurt.


Pack up on time and don't talk to your friends very much or you could be late. Go to were your supposed to be. If your bus rider bring a book into the gym to read and if you have a phone, iPod or something like that don't play on it or you will get it taken away.

I hope you learned something about first grade and you should take my advice and follow my tips.

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