Brighton Beach Memoirs
By: Alexis Tellez

The Great Depression

The Great Depression happened between 1929 and 1932. The cause of the Great Depression was the Stock Market crash. This means that many employers were unemployed due to the cause of not being able to get paid because the U.S. Treasury did not have enough cash to pay all the government workers. When President D. Roosevelt won the election, he came up with plans and talk to recover. Jobs were then created to recover from this tragic event.

Colleges in the 1930's

Tuition was about $90-$108. It was $60 for cost and $50 for the education. The main difference was going to school during the great depression, no transportation, couldn't still afford books, school lunches, same classrooms, school safety was handled by teachers and not security and technology. Their mascot is a bear.

Gas was 10 cents. Cars were between $640-$700. houses started at $3,750. A 1 pound steak was 20 cents. Vision glasses were only about $3. What i found interesting, is that if you have $1 billion now, they would be worth $12 billion back then.