1. I made the theme my own by taking a picture of a sunset because the sun is fading from the picture so that made me think of this theme.

2. I like how the road isn't directly head on but more to the side and I like the darkness and play off shadows. I also think the silhouettes of the houses, barns, and trees looks really good.

3. If I had to change something about this photo it would be the marks/smears on the photo but I tried to edited so they weren't as noticeable.

4. The actions I used were Nelly Nero Daydream and PW's. I used the pink fade action which brought out the sky colors and then I used quick edge burn to fade out the sides of the photo a bit. I also tweaked the brightness and contrast and used some other actions boost the coloring and sharpness.

5. The photo I liked best from last week was Monica's because I liked how the coloring and how the plant was in focus but the rest was blurry or faded. It was simple but I thought it looked really nice.