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I will be inserting 3 poems that I found online that really appealed to me.

A Lesson From History, by Joseph Morris

Everything's easy after it's done;
Every battle's a "cinch" that's won;
Every problem is clear that's solved--
The earth was round when it revolved!
But Washington stood amid grave doubt
With enemy forces camped about;
He could not know how he would fare
Till after he'd crossed the Delaware.

I think the last four lines are a very interesting way to end the poem, because it's explaining how everything that was already done is easy, but then at the end of the poem, Morris gives an example of something that wasn't so easy, something that never really happened before. I like this poem because it's a very true thing, that it's always easy to do something that's been done before, yet extremely difficult to do something that no one has ever attempted to do before, to be courageous and attempt something new.

A Time to Believe, B.J. Morbitzer

To believe is to know that
every day is a new beginning.
Is to trust that miracles happen,
and dreams really do come true.

To believe is to see angels
dancing among the clouds,
To know the wonder of a stardust sky
and the wisdom of the man in the moon.

To believe is to know the value of a nurturing heart,
The innocence of a child's eyes
and the beauty of an aging hand,
for it is through their teachings we learn to love.

To believe is to find the strength
and courage that lies within us
When it's time to pick up
the pieces and begin again.

To believe is to know
we are not alone,
That life is a gift
and this is our time to cherish it.

To believe is to know
that wonderful surprises are just
waiting to happen,
And all our hopes and dreams are within reach.

If only we believe.

This is a very powerful poem that spoke to me immediately after reading the first stanza. We as people forget every now and then about how precious life is. And sometimes we lose faith in our lives, and look at the dark sides; we tend to overlook all of the great things we have in life. We need to always remember to believe, because when we believe, some of the most amazing things can happen, as long as we strive for them.

Nothing Gold Can Stay, Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.

I think this is my favorite Robert Frost poem because it pretty much contains all the imagery to describe the saying "nothing good lasts forever." There is always going to be an end to something great, whether it be 1 day, or 100 days, or 50 years, everything has an end. And so you must appreciate it in the moment, whatever it might be.

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