Dear Angelice,my valentine,you are my super super...

Lovely elegant beautiful smart gentle soft Angel!!!

Today is valentine day, today is also the 4th valentine day we have gone through.

Thank you for accompany me for so many years. In these years, we took bus,star boat, ding ding car together; we bought one box of rice and eat together; we traveled to USA, Sichuan, Guilin, Phillibine, Thailand together;we took shower in hot water , climb the hill together, swim in deep sea together; we took TOEFL,GRE together; we watched so many movies, plays and beautiful sight; we eat , sleep, sing, smile,cry together.  There should be a tight bond between us and it can be super too hard to be broken. And I believe that we can hold each other's hand and walk together to the end of the world. I'm just sorry that I can't give you big house, rich food, serving maids, unlimited money to you at this stage. But I promise you that I will strive hard to win a good life for you. And we will live in a big house, have beautiful children, with yatyat and her friends, work in a happy environment in future.:)

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