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By: Chloe Morgan

Have you ever seen an animal just sitting there hopeless left to die? Well then if you have there is one way to stop that. Its called Humane Society. They do there best to give food,water,shelter, and most importantly the animals get… love. I never want to see another animal starved to death or another dog,cat,bird,hamster,guinea pig,lizard,horse,goat,pig,lamb, or whatever the animal possibly is to be put in danger and have to worry about them surviving the next night alone.

I think that the Humane Society should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Thanks to the Humane Society the animals that come in don’t have to worry about trying to avoid mean people and be worked and starved. Sadly, they can not save all of the animals that are abandoned (or any other reason why they are on the street.) The ones they do save will forever have that love and support for the rest of their lives whether its 9 or 15 years that they live. They will be happy, and they will know that the Humane Society is their hero and they were the ones that rescued them. That is why I think they should receive the award for Nobel Peace Prize.

The Humane Societies across the United States today work toward peace by rescuing all sorts of animals. They want peace between every human and animal that is living today and they don’t want any animals to be abandoned and found living on the street again. Some animals found by the Humane Society have puppies or kittens or are going to have their puppies or kittens soon. Some still need a little bit more time before having puppies (or kittens.) That is why the Humane Society is spaying and neutering the animals that come in. That helps, because then there are less animals that need to find homes.

The first Humane Society in the United States was established in 1866 by Henry Bergh. Today there are about 3,000 Humane Societies across the United States. Did you know that more than 13 million animals pass through the shelters every year? Well it is very much true. They give the animals that come in, yes every 13 million, food and water and you guessed it, toys! They are also working on getting 5% of the cats that come in reunited with their owners. All the Humane Societies across the United States share the same goal for the animals, which is not to have to work and not to be treated poorly ever again.

They have made a big difference on not just the poor pets but also wild animals such as, bears. People will force to “dance” in the streets. It is very painful not just to look at but it is also painful to the bears which have big metal rings which rips the animals skin. It is now illegal in Greece, Turkey, and India.

This is why I think they should win the award not because of the “dancing bears” but because they have helped for that to stop and the animals to be once again happy and free. They have made a huge impact on the world by caring for the animals that aren’t happy and are living in danger and are not free of danger. Animals are being rescued by Humane Society and that is what needs to happen which is happening in the world right now just think about it.

The aunt that found a dog long time ago a dog she named Stinky who just showed up one day found Beau. He is a happy little dog well hang on a minute he is NOT small at all. He is big, the only problem is he thinks he is a lap dog but he is N-O-T. His story is that one day my aunt went to the vet and a lady was there too with a dog. She had brought in a dog that she had found. My aunt said “Well he is cute!” And from then to now he is her dog. She loves Beau and I love Beau. He like to curl up on my lap like a puppy. He also is great at protecting me from cats, even though I am not scared of them. He is a sweet boy, that is for sure.

Now what do rescue stories have in common you ask? They all have a happy ending. Thanks to Humane Society more animals find homes every day and that is exactly what they want to happen when they rescue the next dog, cat, bird, hamster, guinea pig, lizard, horse, goat, pig, lamb, or whatever the animal is. And that is a big thing to get done, I think. Now that you have heard all this, maybe this year Humane Society will win the award for the Nobel Peace Prize.

This little puppy is being rescued by a Humane Society member that has responded to the scene (area) of the puppy. Way more animals are rescued by Humane Society every year and century. This puppy was lucky he was rescued. He was probably abandoned, he also could have been born a stray. The people that rescue the animals usually don’t know what happened unless someone tells them that know what happened. This puppy was lucky and other animals can be with the Humane Society by their side.


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