"Lilly Pulitzer employee's fat-shaming cartoons spark outrage"

Lily Rossi
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Author: Katie Lobosco wrote this article. The attached video included in this article was created and reported by Cristina Alesci, a journalist for "CNN Money". This article is based off of a consumer's point of view.

Place and Time: This source was created in NY today (May 26th).

Prior Knowledge: I did not know anything about this piece of news until I viewed this report. However, some of the symbols included in this report such as the photos that were "fat shamed" represent some of the views of the people in our society today.

Audience: The audience for this article is for those who are against the idea of shaming those for their body image. This wouldn't really affect the reliability of the article since CNN is a trusted network.

Reason: This source was created today since Lilly Pulitzler is a loved company around the world and has received criticism for some of it's comments and/or marketing techniques used to advertise their products.

The Main Idea: This source is trying to convey the message that it's not acceptable to self shame girls (or anyone) for the way that their bodies are designed.

Significance: This source is important because it discusses the basics of the event without providing its readers with bias information. Therefore, I can draw an inference from reading this article that this "fat shaming" is not doing so well for this company.


Author: Claire Zillman, Fortune Newspaper journalist. Her point of view is based off of the idea that Lilly Pulitzler can be hated once more for another reason other than the fat shaming, but that the plus size collection for #LillyForTarget would only be sold online and not in stores.

Place and Time: Written today, May 26th, 2015. Since Fortune is not a very well known newspaper, their information may not be as credible since they mainly used Twitter users' comments as sources.

Prior Knowledge: I knew about this event from reading the previous article. The only thing listed in this article that I did not know (after reading the first article) is that a spokeswoman provided the media with a statement.

Audience: "Haters" of Lilly Pulitzler, people who are against fat-shaming.

Reason: This source was created today since Lilly Pulitzler has surrounded itself in controversy lately with its "fat shaming" controversy. Additionally, the author had even more issues with this company since it had previous battles with its consumers on this same issue.

The Main Idea: The source was trying to convey that plus size consumers are becoming (in a sense) more common nowadays, generating about $17.5 billion dollars in sales..an increase of over 5% from last year.

Significance: This article provides readers with more room to develop an opinion on the topic. I can infer from this article that Lilly Pulitzler with be losing some customers due to this circumstance.


Author: This article is written by journalist, Gabrielle Olya. I do not know much about this author other than she's a writer for StyleNews. Her point of view is not bias and lists only the information for her readers rather than giving her opinion.

Place and Time: This article was written today, May 26th, 2015. Since it was posted today, we know that this is current news and it may become a headline story.

Prior Knowledge: I knew about this event after reading the two previous articles. I did not learn anything new in this article that wasn't mentioned previously. Some symbols I recognized in this article were patterns. Many Lilly Pulitzler buyers recognize this company for their patterns on their clothing. These bright patterns are used to attract consumers and make them feel good about themselves and what they're wearing.

Audience: The audience of this article are the same audiences for the first and second APPARTS. This article is pretty reliable since it used multiple resources from not only Twitter, but a YouTube user and a PEOPLE Magazine editor.

Reason: This source was created at this type since it was current news.

The Main Idea: The source is conveying the idea that Lilly Pulitzler is under even more fire after this event occurring, since they received backlash after not providing their clothes in a plus size in stores.

Significance: This website's contributions  are important since they used a professional source (PEOPLE Magazine editor) in their article.

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