Hildegard of Bingen

By: Bailey Peters

         Hildegard of Bingen was a women who became abbess of a religious house for females in western Germany. She was one of the 1st composers and was an important contributor to the body of music known as the Gregorian chant. Her work was remarkable because when she succeeded at this time, music was almost exclusively the domain of men.

Who was she?

10 Interesting Facts

1. She was given to the Church at age 5 as a nun, and took vows by herself by age 15.

2. She was very sick and weak as a child, sometimes she wasn't able to walk, or couldn't even see, but she lived to be 81.

3. She had visions of God her entire life, and she founded a new covent where she continued to record her visions and write on many topics. She would later then compose lyric poems and music.

4. She wrote 9 books, 70 poems, 72 songs, and 1 play.

5. She was born in the year 1098

6. She died September 17, 1179

7. She had 9 siblings

8. She was a nun in the Roman Catholic Church

9. She was a German scientist, philosopher, theologian, and composer

10. Historians still study her texts