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These are slender loris's also known as slow loris's. They can weigh to 103g to 2,100g. They get to 38cm tall, they will usually live to 25 years old. There total population is unknown. They are also nocturnal. The slender loris lives in the rainforest it rains a lot there. Wild slender loris's eat insects, fruit, leaves, eggs and small mamals. Tamed slender loris's eat rice balls. Males are considered adults at 10 months, Females are considered adults at 10-15 months. They live in south east Asia. There is a major loss of slender loris's due to hunting. If the slender loris had to move it would move to another part of the rainforest. It would adapt by getting used to the new trees and the different places to get food and water. It could die from another preditor eating it or it falling out of a tree. It could also die from other things. The rain forest can be very cold and very hot. They live in the tropical rain forest of India. The animals in the rainforest that they live in are Monkeys, Tigers, Snakes, Elephants, Lepords and Ocelot. Some of the plants that are in the Indian rain forest are bengal bamboo, jambu, durane, curane and tualang tree.

Fun facts!!!

They are the only poisonous mammal and are illegal to have as pets. The name 'loris' is Dutch and means 'clown'. Slender loris's have one of the slowest primate life histories. Their movement looks similar to a snake due to their twisting movement caused by having several more vertebra in their spine than other primates. International Animals Rescue has established a facility specialising in the care of slender loris's in Ciapus and West Java.

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