Checkout BY: Cynthia Rylant

Sarah Johnson CORE: 2 10-8-14
This story was a happy and romantic story. What i mean by this is that two people's lives will soon mingle into each others. There was a girl who was moving to Cincinnati but she despised it. But it happened she moved but little did she know that she would fall in love with the bag boy.
You know how people love to ride along the country side roads, well the girl like to grocery shop cause it would let her rest and wander. Well for some reason her parents already knew she was in love with the bag boy and they also wanted to prove her responsibility. Well one day the bag boy dropped her jar of mayonnaise and thaw how she fell in love. Now i know its sounds weird but wait your'll understand soon or later.
Well the boy wanted another chance and so to find out more about her he helped her with her bags. But nothing was boing good the rest of the day but a can fell out and the boy picked it up. The girl was enchanted by the way his hair leaned into his eyes when he leaned for the can.
With this they were very kind and sweet to each other now how can u love someone if you never talk to them. Well sooner or later the those two fell apart and the girl was ask to a movie by a kind and intelligent man that live really close to her beautiful house. And the bag boy got asked by a girl who was already in love with him. In a weeks time there two paths crossed they smiled gently and walked away like two strangers on a bus.

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