The Kongo was an African kingdom in south-west Africa. They developed near a river like most major civilizations did and were on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The people of Kongo were either Islamic or worshipped a god named "Nzambi Kalunga". The people of Kongo started as a tribe and spread into what they are now. The region they lived in was at first in the rain forest but then spread into some parts of the savannah.

The Kongo was created near a river that they depended on for food and water. The people of the Kongo fought a lot of battles because of their location which caused them to become weak. They developed near the coast of the ocean and in the rain forest they could not rely on agriculture but instead on hunting. The people of the Kongo mostly ate fish or what they could find in the rain forest.

The people of Kongo worshipped Nzambi Kalunga or were Islamic. They believed that collecting taxes helped against angering the gods. They worshipped their king as if he were a god but believed he couldn't help with famine or disease. Their kings are the sons and are decided by the Royal Council. They are unlike most kingdoms with the true absolute power in the royal council.

The people of ancient Kongo mostly made sculptures. Most of their sculptures resemble people and are typically related to religion. They used carving tools like a knife to carve the sculptures and create the face and body of their sculptures. The people of Kongo occasionally made drawings but mostly made sculptures

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By: Trevor and Matthew

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