Christianity by Andy Dixon

This is the Holy Bible.The Christians read this book at church. Jesus's events are in this book.

Christians eat and drink bread and wine at church. Bread represents Jesus's body and wine represents Jesus's blood.

Christianity started about 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ.

This is the symbol of Christianity they use it because Jesus died on this.

This is a church. They Christians worship in this building.

This is where Christianity began.

Christmas is a holiday for when Jesus died.

Christians believe that when you die you go to heaven.They also believe that Jesus died of a cross.That is why that a cross is our symbol.They also believe baptism.They also believe in hell.They also believe in The Holy Bible.They Holy Bible tells all about Jesus and what we believe.

Christianity started about 2,00 years ago it is a religion.We believe that Jesus died on the cross for us.He was born on December 23 and died 3 days before Easter.And that why we celebrate those days because of that.We also go to church to learn about the history of Jesus.

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