Chicago's New Catholic Archbishop

Chicago has a new archbishop named Blase Cupich. He was installed today at Holy Name Cathedral in front of hundreds of people that were eager to see this incredible moment. This is the first time in Chicago that a new bishop has been named without the previous one dying. This has occurred because Cardinal Francis George retired due to Cancer. While Bishop Cupich will face many challenges, he is considered more moderate than the conservative Cardinal Francis George. Unlike previous archbishops, Bishop Cupich will live in the cathedral rectory instead of the mansion in the Gold Coast. Archbishop Cupich will impact the current generation by addressing the concerns of younger people. During his homily, on Tuesday, November 18, he mentioned how he was going to speak to the younger generation. He also gave tribute to the many immigrants in Chicago. One of the many things that Bishop Cupich will try to accomplish is to educate young people so that there is less violence and gangs. Archbishop Cupich will be handed the staff which is the official signal that the church has a new leader.

This map states where Archbishop Blase Cupich has been. He started in Nebraska, then served in South Dakota, then went to Washington D.C., then went to Washington, and currently he is in Illinois.

Citation: "Map of U.S.A.." Wikipedia. <>. 18 November 2014 This is a picture of Archbishop Blase Cupich speaking. This is a picture of Archbishop Blase at his ceremony about to knock on the doors three times. This was what Bishop Blase was, and still is, trying to accomplish when he was the Archbishop of Spokane, Washington. This is a picture of all of the people that came to Holy Name Cathedral on November 18. This is an unusual picture of Archbishop Blase connecting to the young people in the church. This is a picture of the previous Cardinal George who is fighting through Cancer. Archbishop Blase Cupich took over for him.

In this link, you will be taken to Holy Name of Cathedral site. This is where the ceremony of when Archbishop Blase Cupich became the Archbishop. You can access pictures and look at the history of this church.

If you click that button you will be taken to the Yahoo! site. It will give you more information on why Archbishop Blase Cupich came to Chicago. Also, if you didn't watch the mass you can read information on how it was run.

This link will take you to On here, it will tell you Bishop Blase's journey to get to be an Archbishop.

Watch the video to see the broadcast in the Holy Name of Cathedral. You will get to experience the emotional and exciting ceremony of Bishop Blase Cupich becoming the arhbishop of Chicago.

This Wikipedia link will show you where Bishop Blase Cupich grew up and how he was raised. You will get to learn about how he got the vocation of going into Preisthood.


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