The Petition of Right

Your Protection From the Unjust!

Protection from unjust seizure of property or imprisonment will protect your possessions.

"It is declared and enacted, that no freeman may be taken or imprisoned or be disseized of his freehold or liberties, or his free customs, or be outlawed or exiled, or in any manner destroyed, but by the lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land" (Petition of Right Section III). The Petition of Right will protect your civil rights against unfair judgement and imprisonment.

This image reflects the visualization of the death penalty mentioned in the Petition of Right. It advocates for a fair trial and judgement; even though the laws of a certain land has its own rules, citizens should be allowed to exempt, or have some independence on deciding the harshness of the death penalty.

All the citizens are going to be treated and punished by same laws in an equal and fair trial.

Citizens should face the laws of their country and everyone should be treated equal.

"...commit any murder, robbery, felony, mutiny, or other outrage or misdemeanor whatsoever, and by such summary course and order as is agreeable to martial law, and is used in armies in time of war, to proceed to the trial and condemnation of such offenders, and them to cause to be executed and put to death according to the law martial..." (Section VIII)

"...Of justice have unjustly refused or forborne to proceed against such offenders according to the same laws and statutes, upon pretense that the said offenders were punishable only by martial law,..." (Section IX)

This is saying any citizen who has committed murder, felony, robbery, or mutiny should face the death penalty in the eyes of the court.

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