Canadian Tourism

Maija Luckow

Welcome To Canada!

Canada is a country that has many attractions to visit! It is important to see all the main places. Before that a person must know all the basic things that there is to know about Canada. Lets get started!


Canada's government is a Constitutional Monarchy. There is the Prime Minister, who is in charge of the country. Parliament is in charge of the legislative branch. The queen of England also is a part of Canada's government. Another thing involved in Canada's government right now is the people of Quebec. Some of them, called separatists, want to leave and become an independent country.

Stephen Harper-Prime Minister


National Identity

Canada is working to develop their national identity. This has been difficult because of the refugees fleeing to Canada. Because there are many people of different cultures, there is a lot of multiculturalism. A lot of people in Canada are also bilingual. Canada is also sometimes referred to as a melting pot.



Canada has many great attractions to visit. In Canada, you can see many natural wonders. You can also enjoy city life and activities. Canada has much to offer for your pleasure. Whether you are adventurous or like to stay in, Canada has something to offer for everyone! Here are a few examples:

Niagara Falls

Canadian Rocky MOuntains

Canada's Capitol-Ottowa

Come to Canada and enjoy the wonders of this country!

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