The Tropical Rainforest!

   The tropical rainforest is an ecosystem that covers 7% of the Earth.

The tropical rainforest has a pretty normal temperature. The highest temp. is around 90* and the lowest is around 60*. The temp. affects the rainforest in many different ways. Not only does it affect the animals it also affects its biome its self. How this happens is if it wasn't hot enough for a plant to live then i wouldn't live, so the biome has the temp. for the plant to live.

In the tropical rainforest, rain is pretty common. As most of you know it's called the "Rainforest" for a reason. This place gets 50 to 260 inches of rain per year. This also affects the biome pretty heavily, if there wasn't enough rain then non of the plants would live, nor would some of the animals, because  most of the animals in this biome  live off the plants.  

There are lots of different types of plants in the tropical rainforest. Almost all of the rainforest is full of plants. Here is some examples: Bananas, Brazil Nut Tree, and the Orchid. This kind of plants feed many of the animals that live in this biome.

There are lots of different types of wildlife in the Rain Forest, such as Jaguars, Macaws, and Iguanas. The animals in this biome are very well adapted to it. Every animal has its own set of features that helps it survive against there predators and there environment.    


If i had to survive a day in the Rain Forest here is what i would do. First off i would need some water, so i would look a water stream, i shouldn't be hard to find in this biome. Okay, i found a stream, there is a good flat place over here for a little shelter for the night because it is starting to get dark.

Okay i just woke up. It's 5 o'clock right now...I just heard something, i'm going to get in a tall tree..

Okay i'm in the tree, there was a jaguar that just past by. Whoa that was close. Okay i'm going to signal my helicopter to come pick me up.

Okay i'm in the helicopter, that was quite fun. Here are some tips if you are to ever be in a Rain Forest, 1.) Make sure you get water as soon as possible. 2.) Bring good supplies. 3.) Know your surrounding.

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In the temp portion is it in F* or C* But great graphics