Learning to Teach
Day 53: The Plays the Think pt 2

Today was filled with a lot of laughter in all classes, but some moments that lacked it as well. The students finished and most preformed their finished skit about Counterculture and Subculture. Many students if not all were very into creating and making these skits. My second period the skits were fantastic. All students except one brought props, however the content of the skits were very well written and preformed. This I feel was a really good. Defiantly clearly identifying my directions and what is expected out of this assignment is what I felt make. However, my last period class did not perform any skits because of the lost time because of academic period the day before. So they had the whole day to work on the skits. Now, my assumption however is that we will not get to all the skits the next day so there is a make up day on the review day. One thing that I like about establishing the review day is that usually we had something before the review game I make up. I have learned that that time could be used to make up some lost time in my classes. Which is what I now am planing for next week  

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