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Stephen Colbert as seen in Digital Trends:

As Stephen Colbert prepares to fill in for David Letterman on The Late Night Show, he is making a large social media push to promote his new position. Stephen Colbert is looking to improve on Letterman's lack of social media success  and ramp up anticipation for his entrance through the teaser video below, an app, podcast, and video feed. Colbert's new website is also rapidly adding content to promote his new show.

Social Media Platforms/Stats   Average of 1.5 mill. Unique Visitors/21 mill. Minutes per Month

                                              - Post Videos, show information, promotions, and images

Facebook Account               51K Likes

                                               -Posts about Late Night Show dailey

Twitter                                  7.97 Million Followers  3,556 tweets

                                              -Posts jokes and information about his shows

Google+                               11,288,720 views   716,219 followers

                                              -Has not posted in the last six months/ He posted about his                                                      show

Net Worth

                                                         45 MILLION DOLLARS

Attracting Attention

Stephen Colbert has been relatively inactive since ending The Colbert Report and announcing his taking over of The Late Show. Recently, though, he has  made a push with apps, podcasts, Facebook posts focusing on humorous videos, and additions to his websites. His videos have been especially successful on YouTube.

Target Market


            Millennials and those up to their mid-3os

            Both male and female

            All ethnicities

            Middle to upper class


Those in urban areas, especially around New York and Los Angeles



Relatively informed about current events

Good sense of humor

Celebrity Endorsement

Definition: A celebrity uses his or her fame to promote business' products or services

                   Stephen Colbert's major endorsements:

                                1. U.S. speed skating

                                 2. General Motors

                                 3. Pepsi

                                 4. Frito-lay's Doritos


Stephen Colbert enjoys to spend time outdoors, especially at the beach. He also frequently sails and engages in other outdoor activities. Along with his endorsements being influenced by his own hobbies, they are also affected by his target market of millenials. Millenials, along with Colbert, tend to follow sports and therefore the U.S. speed skating team is one of Colbert's major endorsements. Millenials' interests also explain his other endorsements as they tend to drink soda (Pepsi.) Millenials are also not too affluent and would most likely by their car from a low cost brand such as General Motors.


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