Rules In Society

               Why do we have them?

In Jonas’s society all the rules and laws are necessary. They are necessary because the rules that are made keep the society in order. People don’t act bad and do bad things. The rules keep the people safe.  Some of the rules are not fair and some are fair to the people of the Jonas’s society. Such as the family units and how they are created. People do not have the freedom to choose their own mates and have their own children of. The rule for release is also not fair such as when the pilot flew over the community, I’m sure it was a simple mistake or a perfectly good explanation for why he did it. He should not have got released. The people in the community who do not follow directions either get disciplined or released. If they are small children or the elderly and do something minor you get slapped or spanked. However if a citizen does something major and you know your not supposed to do it you get released from the community. All the consequences are not fair, some consequences are too crule depeding on what you have done.For example, when Asher was 3 and said “smack” instead of “snack”. The instructor lashed Asher a crossed the face. That was harsh for him.He was just a little kid making a simple mistake.  The rules and laws can be changed. They are usually made by the elders. If they decided to change it or make a new law and/or rule they can due so because they have the power. The elders are the people who have been in the community the longest.

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