My journal.

June 29th-July 3rd.

My name is Sky Robinson, I am 34 years old. I have decided to be on the North's side. I have lived in Indiana my whole life, and still do. The date is June 29th, 1863.  My husband is stationed in Indiana, my husband and I have lived together for 7 years.

Day 1, June 29th.

This morning I woke up and made myself some breakfast. After I ate my breakfast, I gathered all of my dishes and washed them. I went around the house and gathered dirty clothes and put them in the washer and dryer. While the clothes were in the washer, I went into the cupboard and found some canned foods, that me and my husband never ate. I put all of them in a box, and shipped them to my husbands station. Around 4 o'clock, I went outside and mowed the lawn. After that I went inside and got a glass of lemonade, and cleaned up the house a little bit. After I picked up my house I sat down and sewed a few blankets, to ship to my husbands station.

Day 2, June 30th.

I have recently heard about a battle that took place, I think it was called Bull Run. I was wondering if you took place in it, and I wanted to know if everything went well and that you are fine? I have a news paper clipping of it, and they got in to a lot of detail, some things that were said kind of scared me. Everything is going good at the house. Just a little bit lonely, now that you aren't here. I have been waiting for a good time to tell you, I am pregnant, and it is a girl.

Day 3, July 1st.

This morning when I woke up, I thought to myself, " i'm gonna do something good for the war today." I got up, made my bed and got dressed. I went around the house finding old clothes and blankets. When I had finished gathering them, I sat down at the dining room table, and out of the cloth I gathered, I made pillows, more blankets, and clothes. By time I had finished making the soldiers some stuff, I was starving. I went into the kitchen and made myself some lunch, I had a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, with a glass of water. After I ate, I went into town and went to the closest general store, and got a postcard. On the postcard I wrote, "Thank you all for protecting our country and putting your own lives at risk, I couldn't thank you enough. Love, Montana." After I sealed the postcard, I went to the post office and sent out my homemade items and the postcard. Then I went home, took a bath, and went to bed.

Day 4, July 2nd.

When I woke up this morning I knew I was gonna have a letter in the mail from my husband, so I was really excited. I went straight outside and looked down on my porch step and there was a letter, I was so overwhelmed. I was a little nervous to open the letter, scared of his reaction to the news. I went to my moms house before I opened it so she could be there for me when I read what he had to say in return. The whole time I was opening the envelope I could see my mom leaning over my shoulder, as I read the letter out loud, a smile formed on my face. My husband said that he was really happy, and ready to come home to see me and enjoy the next chapter of our life together. He also said that he was apart of the Battle of Bull Run, and he also just went into a battle called, Shiloh. He also told me that he didn't wanna keep anything from me, and he told me not to worry because everything is okay. He told me that he had been shot in the shoulder, but it was a minor injury, he also said that there was a lot of deaths in this battle, and that he is very lucky to still be alive.

Day 5, July 3rd.

Today I woke up to hearing voices and cries outside my window. I immediately jumped up and ran outside, I walked over to my neighbors and asked "what happened?" They told me that president Lincoln had been assassinated the night before. My jaw dropped, I was shocked, I would never think anyone would want to hurt such a good man.  

I went to the local general store, to see if there was anything in the newspapers about it. As I was on my way, all I say were "wanted" posters, posters with Lincoln's face, and shocked and upset people. I wanted to cry so bad, but I had to stay strong for me and my unborn child. I was trying to stay away from upset people because I didn't wanna get upset, but I couldn't I had to be there for my friends and family.

When I got to to the store, I asked for a newspaper. The cashier handed it to me, and I read on the front page, exactly what had happened. I immediately went home and started writing a letter to my husband, I knew he was going to be devastated. He was so happy when Lincoln got president, and now this happened to him. Who could do such a horrible thing?

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