How Chartered Accountants Help You In UK Business!

First off, they are qualified and trained by the prestigious ICAEW. While looking for accountants in Brighton or the surrounding areas, we would strongly recommend going for the ACCA accredited professional firms. As reputed members of the ACCA, these professionals are trained with the necessary knowledge, ethics orientation and work experience required in the field.

The regular duties of chartered accountants are diversified across various responsibilities that cover corporate financing, taxation duties, forensic accounting, auditing, financial reporting and business recoveries from insolvency, mergers and acquisitions while working in different settings of commerce, industry, public sector and non-profit organisations.

Some of the duties and responsibilities included in their job specifications are:

  • ü They are required to continually manage finances and budget schemes of the organisations and provide necessary advice along the way.
  • ü They are responsible for conducting regular internal audits to access the proper functioning of the individual financial records of various departments and calculating the organisation’s financial position.

Chartered accountants are also entitled to pursue private practise, the job duties of which include:

  • ü Preparing and maintaining accounting records and management of business information.
  • ü Advertising clients on various business transactions during mergers or acquisitions.
  • ü Forensic accounting involves detecting and preventing fraud in the departments and taking corrective measures to resolve the issues.
  • ü Managing and training junior colleagues.
  • ü Reviewing the new business prospects with the management committee and analysing financial risks involved therein.
  • ü Chartered accountants also perform the role of tax accountants in Brighton and provide constructive advice for legal mitigation of taxes and help construct a strategic tax plan.

The work requirements in industry, public and non-profit sectors involve:

  • ü Coordinating and interacting with the internal and external auditors and dealing with financial discrepancy issues arising if any.
  • ü Preparing and verifying the monthly and annual financial reports and accounts in the financial books.
  • ü Advising clients on efficient tax planning and treasury management practices.
  • ü Making reports and offering constructive recommendations and suggestions after internal and public-sector audits.
  • ü Assisting the management in financial planning and forecasting by preparing systematic and informative financial management reports.

Chartered accountants are capable of providing variety of financial services of internationally recognised standards. They also have sufficient knowledge and skills to provide management consultancy services along with managing the aforementioned responsibilities and duties proficiently.

It would be wise to contact a certified accountancy firm that specialises in providing accounting, tax and payroll in Brighton and the neighbouring areas of the United Kingdom to ensure ACCA approved qualified accountants.

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