Republica Dominica

By Ryan DeCamp

Visit the beautiful Dominican Republic! It is full of beaches and great places to visit. Not to mention all the greatest baseball players are from here.

Visit the oldest city in the world! Located in the Dominican Republic it is called Santo Domingo which means sunday saint. there are also fun places like Eastern National Park which is a beautiful beach. And Cabrera a great place with lots of good food.

The Dominican Republic's main language is Spanish, and their population is 10.4 million and the currency the use is Dominican Pesos. And their capital is Santo Domingo. 2 neighboring countries are Haiti and San Juan.

This is a great restaurant with good prices and phenomenal food, I also recommend Las Palmas and Gordito Fresh Mex it has the countries favorite food which is Con-con a bowl of rice with chicken on top, people that live here also like to drink alcoholic beverages like Coco Loco which is coconut rum, rum, tequila, and gin.

This is some of the local music you will hear on the streets.

The weather here is always beautiful it is always around 80- 95 degrees here all year longs. It is a very flat place with few hills and mountains.

Also they use some of their own expressions here like

Tato= Good

Mato= Tree

Conuco= Farm

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3 years ago

Wow this place looks amazing. Nice job Ryan I actually want to go.