Abdella Mohammed.
Advise, and Gratitude.

1. I would like to remember and advice my brother Zulkifl about this life.

            Allah saying the worldly life distracts you. That's the reality you are distracted by your life. How  fun is your life. The sun is shining, I'm riding my bike, drinking my coke, it's real things, I have a such a good time. You know what your life is district you and the world is district you until you reach the grave......yes the the grave. Death! But death is the think that we don't about it. Death is the think that we forget it. We don't want hear about the death. Don't talk to me.....we don't even call it death but death is reality. We call it ticking the can, he passed away, he left us. That's one think you can be sure about it and you want to know something you can be sure about it,,,that's DEATH!

2. What have you prepared for death my brother Zulkifl?

             You know my brother any one of us would go on a Halliday and you know what you would do. If you went to a strange land...you would prepare, you would get a visa, you'd get the currency, and you'd learn about the disease in that land. At all, you'd prepare yourself. What have you prepared for death? Have you prepared about that journey?

3.  What you going to know after your dead?

In that day when the sun will be brought close, a day when will sweat, and a day when a mankind will be in terror and when they will be in fear! when we will be running like we are in a drunken riot but we will not be drunk. We will not be drunk with alcohol. It's is the fear that will make us run because this is the day that we denied, and this is the day that we egnored. It's the day of gudgement. The day your lord will ask us about every single think we have done. We will asked about it. Allah will ask us on that day. This is a little advice and remember for my brother.

                 My gratitude list

My super-health. I thanks to Allah a billion for my full health.

My family-love and support me in everything that I do.

We have a house to live, with my own computer, in my room.

My friends who are just great and have helped me in many problems.

The last one is I have the ability to go to school everyday and done well in school.


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3 years ago

Happy, happy New Year, Abdella!