A great date

By Daric Henkes  Photos by NIcole Jensen

I’m out feeding my cows some hay looking forward to this evening. My parents are letting me go out fishing with Hope for the first time so I can show her my amazing fishing skills and impress her even more hopefully I don’t embarrass even though I already stepped in one cow pie. So I head out to the river.

I pick Hope up on the way to the river just seeing her smile makes me happy. We cross this big sturdy metal bridge thats been here forever and of course Hope says she's afraid of bridges and says she wouldn’t be afraid if I gave her a piggyback ride across the bridge. So I do with her on my back and my tackle box in one hand and fishing poles in the other what could be better.

We get the river and for what seemed like eternity we didn’t catch anything so she gives up and lays on my lap while I continue to fish hoping to impress her and it starts to get late then I feel a tug at the fishing pole Hope jumps up and is now yelling get it pull it in it gave a good fight but eventually pull in a nice 7 inch small mouth bass.

Now on our way back we cross the bridge again with her on my back and she asks if I hear something I say no then as we continue walking forward I hear a dog yelping I let Hope down and we start running to where the sound was coming from.

It was coming from an old red barn the dog had a raccoon trap on its leg and was in so much pain Hopes now yelling to help it and I get down and pull it open it gets its leg out and I check for a collar to find nothing I pick it up and Hope grabs my poles and Tackle box. We get to my house and my parents say it was a stray and that we could keep it at my house and Hopes so happy and gives me a kiss on the cheek ahhh what a great day.

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