5 Photo Story

Story by Payge Duerre Photos by folder 8

It’s my favorite time of year. Outside becomes warm and I finally get to have fun outside. I love when John, Mary, and I go outside and play catch. The best thing about summer is the long walks we always take in the late afternoon. Right after supper is the best time. We go for long, slow walks while watching the sunset.

One time when we were outside, John threw the ball into this huge bush. I didn’t notice it until I was already inside of it. The ball was on the other side of it, so I ran over and picked it up. I looked around because I have never been on this side of that bush before.

The whole yard was a cornfield. The field seemed to go forever. I just ran and ran down the rows looking for the end and I couldn’t find it. I wonder how I never noticed this before. A huge confield has been on the other side of my backyard bushes for probably a very long time. I heard John yelling at me to bring the ball back so I knew I had to leave.

I was so fixated on the cornfield, that when I ran back to John I forgot the ball! I ran back into the bushes and looked around and soon found the ball. It was on the side right by the end of the bushes. I took one last look around and knew I was going to be back here exploring a lot this summer.

I walked back because I had done so much running I was pretty tired. I layed the ball by John’s feet and he just pet me and told me I was a good boy. He doesn’t know what I know now. Because he can’t understand me, the cornfield is my little secret. I just wag my tail and bark at him, trying to have him understand. He’s just smiles and pet’s me more. Oh well, nothing is wrong with a little back rub.

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