Tropical Savannas!

Made possible by Natalie Andujo, Markeetia Williams, Tae Johnson, & Luke Sortino.

Did you know the Tropical Savanna is the setting of The Lion King?

Things you can do in the Savanna!

Go on a safari!

Most people that go to the savanna go on a safari. Some places you can go on a safari is Serengeti in Tanzania or Masai Mara in Kenya, two bordering wildlife parks.

Meet the natives!

You could meet the Masai people! The Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda safaris should let you look at authentic native life.


Uganda is getting into adventure on the Nile! Tour people can give you easy rafts to look at the birds or extreme rafting where you can plunge trough the rapids!

Hike up to a good view!

If you want a good look at the Savanna go on a hike! Hike up Mount Kenya in Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!

Visit a national park!

There is the Kuger National Park, the Kalahari National Park, and the Hwange National Park!

Here is a map!

A cheetah's life in the Savanna!

(Cheetahs) A cheetahs habitat is a habitat with unconstructed views of their surroundings. A cheetahs diet is small to medium-sized mammals such as antelope,gazelles,young zebras,& young wildebeests,guinea fowls & hares. A cheetahs lifestyle is it is the fastest land animal & it eats animals like the zebras.

How a cheetahs life is like in Tropical Savanna!

A plant in the Savanna biome!

This native annual plant is 1–2½ tall. The stems are dark green. The leaves are usually hairless, even tho new growth may be slightly growing. Secondary leaves may develop from the axils of the primary leaves along the central stem, but they are smaller in size than the latter. Some of the upper stems develop racemes of flowers.

Purple Foxglove plant


Savannas get all their rain in the summer, so if you go during the summer wear rain clothes or something with a hood. In the winter it is about 10 degrees Celsius so wear something warm if you go in the winter.

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