Reading Journal

24 April 2014

Dear Mr Jairo,

Today I read the book SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, written by schoolastic inc. I read from page 10 to page 22.

There are several types of heat, the solar heat and humans heat are the most known in the world. The heat from the sun moves by radiacion  at 300 million meters for second. Also the heat from the sun regresa when it touches land in earth.

When I read about heat I got sorprended when I read about the radiation because it moves 300 million meters for second. That its super fast, it is faster than a jet or a supersonic motocycle.

If I could have the velocity of the sun radiation in the world my name would of cald FLASHISUN, because I could run fast and be a superheroe.

I think this book is a good book to read, and I recomend this book to Angel because he likes to read about science and other things.