<html>      </html>     Lets the browser know this is HTML markup language.

<title>        </title>      This is the section of the web page that shows up on the tab

<body>       </body>    Everything between these tags is the content of the web page.

<br>                                A single tag that puts a space between images, text, etc.

<hr>                                A single tag that places a horizontal rule on the web page.

<img src>                       Tells the browser where the image is located and the name of the                                              image.

<b>                </b>         Makes the text bold.

<bgcolor>                     background a color

<table>           </table>   Everything between these tags is on a table.

<h1>                </h1>       These are heading tags     H1 to H6 are used to determine                                                             heading size.

<P>                  </P>        What is written between these tags is a paragraph.

<ol>                  </ol>      This is an ordered list-letters, numbers, bullets

<ul>                   </ul>     This is an unordered list

<a href="">This would be the name of the website</a>

                                                  This is used to make a link to a website!

<li>                   </li>           These are items in a list

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