The Dream Team   

By: Matthew .m


  The dream team is a basketball team in the Olympics (U.S.A).  They did the best in the Olympics.  We got a gold medal. U.S.A won the Olympics with maybe 158 medals.


The dream team was basically the only team who could dunk. USA had all the tall people. Anthony Davis was in college basketball and he was going to the NBA, he was the number one draft pick too. He also played on the team.  


Basically all the guys who are on the dream team are I the NBA. Their jerseys are red white and blue. They play during August. They play other countries like Russia, Nigeria, Japan, and Great Britain.


To begin with their record they started out undefeated. So then by the end of the season they won every game. Their highest amount of points is maybe 132.


LeBron James is one of the players. James Harden, Anthony Davis like I said earlier, Dwane wade, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.


Magic Johnson was on the team. He was really good. He played in the 1900s. He had an illness called HIV so that meant he couldn’t play. Everyone wanted him to play and he did end up playing. He was a point guard on the Lakers. Larry Bird started on the Celtics and played on the dream team. They both had a great rivalry. For instance both went to rivals to teammates. That dream team won a gold medal too.

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